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Chris Deam

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"The Night The Names On The Wall Came To Life!
2010 State Finalist Reunion

For those of you who were unable to attend we have posted a pdf version of the finalist program for you to download.


Team Captains & Outstanding Wrestlers
Team Captains Outstanding Wrestler
2017 Matt Culver / Tavian Rashed
2016 Brenden Baker / Kyle Briggs
2015 Dalton Kuehl, Kelly May
2014 Josh Allen, Kelly May
2013 Michael Moncivais & Kelly May
2012 PJ Rashed, Michael Moncivais
2011 Blake Carson, Conner Herman
2010 Stephen Settlage, Conner Herman
2009 JasonMcCormick, Casey Dehoedt
2008 Jason McCormick, Cody Northern
2007 Weston Marling, Jordan Smalley, M. Wyatt
2006 Blaine Beatty, Weston Marling, G. Edwards
2005 Tony Olson, Denny Vorba
2004 Tony Olson, Alex Smith, Denny Vorba
2003 Eric Nunemaker, Rob Olson
2002 David Aossey, Kyle Dean
2001 Brent Stepanek, Jason Havlicek
2000 Chris Buesing, Clint Miller
1999 Jason Cole, Mike Vagher
1998 Tim Ironside, Dillon Kuda
1997 Tim Ironside, Dan Newhard
1996 Brian Newhard
1995 Russ Tollefson, Jake Smithhart
1994 Jon Vlasek, Travis Pike
1993 Mark Ironside, Jared Young
1992 Mark Ironside, Eric Baker
1991 Matt Ironside, Nathan Means
1990 Ed Burnell, Jeff Horak
1989 Jeff Karr, Marc Chase, Matt Orton
1988 Jeff McAllister, Troy Sund
1987 Brian Kuhlman, Greg Garman, Dennis Dye
1986 Paul Arthurs, Mark Hartman, Scott Mihal
1985 Brian Bos, Darrel Long, Kelly Mihal
1984 Jeff Knox
1983 Scott Meier
1982 Chris Chicchelly, Dean Miller
1981 Mark Potter, Jeff Roman, Mike Johnson
1980 Don Cook, Jeff Visek, Mark Walkner
1979 Randy Krumm, Scott Wesbrook
1978 Jon Russell
1977 Jerry Johnson, Bob Gallaghe
1976 Dave Zimmerman, Tom Chapman
1975 Jed Brown, Jim Comried
1974 Don Hittenmiller, Paul Viktora
1973 Don Zimmerman, Gary Bentrim
1972 Mike Gallagher, Brad Suma
1971 Bill Williams, Jon Burke, Kevin Wade
1970 Dan Rowray, Clarke Beltz
1969 Dick Ingvall, Henry Banke
1968 None
1967 Don Briggs, Jim Kimball
1966 Jon Meskimen, Al Louvar
1965 Frank Spinka, Rich Mihal

2017 Matt Culver
2016 Kyle Briggs
2015 Brenden Baker / Dalton Kuehl
2014 Brenden Baker
2013 Michael Moncivais
2012 PJ Rashed
2011 Conner Herman
2010 Conner Herman
2009 Jason McCormick
2008 Cody Northern
2007 Weston Marling
2006 Blaine Beatty
2005 Blaine Beatty
2004 Blaine Beatty
2003 Rob Olson
2002 Rob Olson
2001 Brent Stepanek
2000 Chris Buesing
1999 Mike Vagher
1998 Tim Ironside
1997 Tim Ironside
1996 Brian Newhard
1995 AJ Williams, Jake Smithhart
1994 Travis Pike, Jon Vlasek
1993 Mark Ironside
1992 Mark Ironside
1991 Matt Ironside
1990 Jeff Horak
1989 Jeff Karr, Marc Chase, Matt Orton
1988 Jeff McAllister
1987 Greg Garman
1986 Paul Arthurs
1985 Darrel Long
1984 Kelly Mihal
1983 Scott Meier, Mike Potter
1982 Dean Miller
1981 Mike Johnson
1980 Mike Johnson
1979 Randy Krumm
1978 Jon Russell
1977 Jerry Johnson
1976 Tom Chapman
1975 Jed Brown
1974 Paul Viktora
1973 Dan Balvanz
1972 Mike Gallagher, Gary Bentrim,
Brad Suma, Kent Miller,
Steve Riess
1971 Bill Williams
1970 Dan Rowray
1969 Henry Banke
1968 Bobby Schaffer
1967 Don Briggs
1966 Jon Meskimen
1965 Rich Mihal

* Note 1958-1964 Captains and OW’s are unknown except that the captains in 1960 were Hamode Hasson, Herb Richards, and Jim Turner.

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